Are you on low protein diet?

Hey there,

for starting this, I just wondered, whether you are on diet or not.

I have my problems, I’m struggling to keep the diet, my blood levels are around 15ml/dl at present. But, and this is also a reason why I started this blog, I want to go back to a stricter low protein diet.

What about you?

Katie xxx



WELCOME to the PKU treasure chest!


I’m a PKU and I want to blog about it.

You will find shortly a lot of posts about daily life with PKU, news on PKU research, receipes, reviews on new low protein foods (for the begining especially from the German market, since Germany is where I’m living), advice on daily challenges, travelling with PKU and much more.

I want to create a real little PKU treasure chest which helps to cope with the daily life, motivates, answers questions and is fun to follow…

I really appreciate your opinions and ideas for this blog. Thank you for coming around and be sure to come around again very soon.

Katie xxx