I found a new PKU cooking book :)

Hey all,

how are you doing at the begining of the week?

I wanted to share my happiness about the cooking book I found recently on the internet. Some of you might know it already, but since I’m living in Germany, this one is ABSOLUTELY new to me 🙂


It has 570 pages and a lot of recipes – that’s all I know so far – I’m sooooo excited and I will definetly let you know how it is as soon as I receive it.

Do you know this cooking book? If so, do you like it? If not, do you consider to buy it?

Katie xxx


5 thoughts on “I found a new PKU cooking book :)

  1. Kelli floyd says:

    I have this book. It is so great!!!

  2. mypkulife says:

    this is a great book. It was the first of its kind and the origianl version came out in like the 1980’s when I was really little. there are great ideas in it. The pastry recipie for pies and tarts or shepards pie is great.

  3. Lila says:

    It is a great book. However, living in Greece it is difficult to find some of the products that she is often using. For example wheat starch, or Softasilk…. Are they available in Great Britain? If so, my sister comes in London pretty often and she could get them for me.
    By the way, nice blog////

    • pkugirl says:

      Hi Lila,

      thanks for your feedback. Well, I would try and find out what the products are (like “Softasilk”) I’m sure other PKUs from PKU Listserv or here around the blog might help – and most of the products are available in our countries too. But of course, if your sister could bring you the original product from the recipe, this would be even better.

      Have a great day 🙂
      Katie xxx

  4. Lila says:

    As you will use the book you’ll see that for cakes and dough iwheat starch and a flour from a specific brand is used. If someone from Europe can help, please do!

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