Hey everyone,

first of all I want to apologize – during the week I rarely get the chance to create a new post for you, soon, very soon, new recipes will follow. Especially I want to share a recipe for bread with you I just tried out last weekend. I have a baking machine and it’s such a blessing! Do you also have one?

Last weekend, I was visiting a Christmas market, it was very nice. Normally, they have a good variety of low phe sweets… candy floss, coloured hearts made of dextrose, jelly smurfs and hearts (without gelatin, so no protein!!!)… My all time favourits are the dextrose hearts. They are soooo tasty. Yummy. But I had to find out, that they aren’t offered any longer 😦

Do you know my anger? A product you like very much and which fits perfectly into the diet and it gets removed from the market? It’s so frustrating, since we already have a very little choice..

I’m looking forward to your feedback. Can you relate? Or don’t you mind?

Katie xxx




2 thoughts on “Why…?

  1. malanyt says:

    I know your anger, I remember products becoming unavailable and feeling annoyed. And since becoming a student theres the fact that I can hardly afford the good low phe stuff.If you read my latest blog I was denied any assistance in getting a Disability allowance, which has really frustrated me!

  2. mypkulife says:

    I get it. I have called companies to ask why a store doesnt have their product why it is so important and when I can get it again

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