Food Review: Promin Pasta Shells in a Low Protein Tomato Pepper Herb Sauce

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post this review for ages but I had problems with my camera and tried it with the mobile phone of my fiancé and FINALLY I got the pictures so I can write you this review 🙂

Promin has some very tasty products and today I want to introduce the PKU Pasta Shells in a low protein tomato Pepper & Herbs sauce.

I think that already the packaging is very inviting. One buying size is a small bag with 4 sachets of 72 g, which means 4 small portions. One sachet has a phe amount of 29mg.

The preparation is pretty easy, you only need 275ml of cold water to stir in and bring it to boil, don’t forget to stir regularly. Then reduce the heat to a lower level and let it cook for 15-18 minutes without adding the cover. Thats all 🙂

Here is the picture of the prepared meal:

It not only looks delicious, it also tastes delicious. The sauce has an absolutely tasty seasoning which makes this meal to a favourite one when I need a quick prepared meal. And of course the phe amount of 29 mg is also fantastic. Low protein and so tasty!

The only thing I do have to mourn about is that the sachets of 72g is a very small portion. It might look a lot on the picture, but for a big hunger you’d rather take two sachets.

What do you think of the Promin products? Have you tried out this one or others? Would you like to try it out?

For all of you who don’t know yet the promin products, here is the link to their homepage:

Katie xxx


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