Formula – Thank god it improved a lot!

Hi Everyone,

I hope the weekend started well for you? I will go to the market this morning, I just started a diet (to lose weight) two days ago so I want to get some fresh veggies to be more motivated. I want to lose 7 kg – my milestone will be at 59kg, 3 more kilos to lose. Cross your fingers for me, food and eating is a DIFFICULT topic – you all know it.I will shortly post some more information on being on calorie diet with PKU.I think almost everyone wants to lose some weight at some point, so tips can be always useful 🙂

I’d be also happy about YOUR advise or motivation to reach my goal… go ahead and leave me a comment or drop me a line:

Enclosed you’ll find a new poll on the topic formula, I want to know who’s sticking to the “traditional” powder and who likes taking the formula with tablets. I’m really excited about your answers. I belong to the “tablet-lovers” 😉 Even though I have to take 120 pieces a day (3x40pcs) it’s much more comfortable to me. No bitter aftertaste, easy to handle when you’re out, and when you’re trained you can take 10 at one time with a bit of water. So this is the perfekt solution – for me. But I really have to say, that the powder also improved a lot over the last few years. When I was a child, it still was a real challenge to take the powder since the taste was very strong and there was only little choice.

By the way, in Europe, there is a discussion whether the Omega 3 essential fatty acids shall be added to formulas or not. I think this would be a huge approach to make our diet more complete and healthier. What about the U.S. does anyone know whether there is already Omega 3 essential fatty acids added in formulas?

Well, this is a long post today – I hope it doesn’t scare you. Have a great weekend everyone.


Katie xxx


4 thoughts on “Formula – Thank god it improved a lot!

  1. Kay Emerson says:

    I take two formulas Phlexy-10 and BetterMilk . They both are powders pre- packaged . The Phlex-10 I mix with , sports flavored drinks berry flavors are my favorite since my Phlexy -10 is Apple Blackcurrent flavor. The BetterMilk I make in smoothie form. My favorites are Berry flavor and a new Blue Berry Bash that I made up myself. I use PhenylAde Choclate Crisp bars away from home. And when I go to the 2012 NPKUA conference I will be taking BetterMilk bars , peanut butter flavor.

    • pkugirl says:

      Blue Berry Bash? What exactly does it contain? 🙂 Sounds quite interesting!
      Katie xxx

      • Kay Emerson says:

        Take 1/3 cup Water, 1/3Cup Ice, 1/3cup & another 1/4 cup Frozen Blueberries , sorry my math stinks, 1Tablespoon Sugar. Blend until smooth . Add Packet of BetterMilk . Blend until smooth. It is very light to the taste. Perfect for summer.

  2. Kay Emerson says:

    Oh I almost forgot, my nutritionist evaluated and said that it is 3 exchanges. Or 45mg of Phe

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