Food Review: Promin Pasta in Sauce Cheese Broccoli

Hi Everyone,

today you’re reading a new review on pasta in sauce from Promin.

This is what the packaging looks like. one bag contains 4 sachets with 66g content.

It’s just as easy to prepare as the other taste with tomatoe herb sauce. It only takes up to 15 minutes. I really like it, even though I am not into broccoli. The cheesy taste is great! It goes along well with a nice salad or some veggies!

One sachet contains 246 kcal, 1,6g proteins which is 63mg phe and only 1,5g fat.

Here’s a pic of the ready prepared meal!

Have you ever tried this or other low phe meals which are almost ready to serve? If so which do you like best?

Love, Katie xxx


2 thoughts on “Food Review: Promin Pasta in Sauce Cheese Broccoli

  1. Andy says:

    Pku Perspectives( has a set of microwave-ready-to-eat Mac n’ Cheese and other pastas All of them are wonderful easy to make in the microwave with a bit of water i highly recommend them to anyone.

  2. pkugirl says:

    I had a look at the page, it’s a great one!!! Thanks for sharing! I had those Mac n’ Cheese noodles once, I like them a lot, they’re delicious 🙂

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