Find YOUR suitable PKU-restaurant

Hi Everyone,

hope you’re feeling fine… In todays’ blog I want to encourage you to find your very own PKU compatible restaurant – never give up until you found it!

Me and my boyfriend we use to go out for dinner very often and we found several PKU compatible restaurants. My all time favourite was a Korean restaurant (WOW – the salads, especially Kimchi were thrilling 🙂 By the way, kimchi is a kind of cole slaw but pickled with hot sauce. very strange at the beginning, but so very special and tasty!) Well unfortunately this Korean restaurant was closed because of family matters – now we found a suitable replacement:

A Lebanese fast food restaurant, which offers great soups, salads and Baba Ganuj (aubergine purree) as you can see on this picture I took especially for you.

So, though it’s hard to find something suitable for PKUs – don’t give up searching. You will find the right place and the right people who are willing to help you with special wishes.

What is your experience with restaurants?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Katie xxx


One thought on “Find YOUR suitable PKU-restaurant

  1. Jackofhearts says:

    It is my experience that almost every restaurant has one or two items that are pku friendly, and I typically vary my restaurants, I don’t go to a particular one all to often.

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