Egg replacer

Hi there,

I found out that a low protein food supplier has the Cambrooke egg replacer and I was really excited about this. I heard that it’s easy to make omeletts with it. Over here we do have several kinds of egg replacer too but they are only described for bakery use.

So I will try out and write a food review for you shortly.

Has anyone of you tried out this egg replacer? What are your favourite recipes using it?

Katie xxx


One thought on “Egg replacer

  1. Andy says:

    “Country Sunrise” is the PKU perspectives brand of egg replacer….not cambrooke. (just to clarify)

    with that nasty seriousness out of the way…. I LOVE THIS EGG MIX!!!
    it’s recipes on the back are super helpful although i wish the measurements they gave were for more than one egg. and while i’ve used it in the recipes it tells you about i have used them as regular egg in baking recipes to lower the phe of gluten free- recipes that are high mainly because there’s an egg mixed in and other vegetarian meals that i can’t have because of an egg is in the ingredients i use this stuff as a replacement and i’ve never had any bad luck with the results

    All in all this is the best replacement for egg that i have EVER tried…Watch out sometimes it doesn’t want to come off the pan too easily.

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