Curry-Cauliflower-Soup with Coconut Cream and Curry

Hi everyone,

here is a new recipe, I made this up myself:

100 g carrots

100g cauliflower

1 garlic clove

coriander, salt, pepper

43 g / 2 oz coconut cream (be careful if you change the quantity, coconut cream is very rich in calories and contains a lot of fat!)

500 ml / 2 cups soup

cut the vegetables in slices / small pieces and add them to a pot with boiling soup. Cook until the vegetables are soft, then add the spices (including pressed garlic) to the coconut cream. Purée the vegetables until everything is smooth and add the coconut cream to the soup. Then add the coriander.

Enjoy the meal – it’s very delicious and makes a good, low calories dinner!

And this is what it looks like:


PKU Blogs – Your Favourites?

Hi everyone,

I currently found some nice PKU blogs online, but also found tons of blogs which seem not to get actualized anymore. I would love the idea of collecting blog links together with you. What are your favourite PKU blogs?

Let’s make a list!!

I’m looking forward to your links 🙂

Katie xxx

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Healthy, Low Calories-Fruity-Breakfast

Hi there,

I had a delicious breakfast this morning and wanted to share it with you ❤

During my weight loss project (which isn’t finished yet, I still have 3 more kg to lose) I use to have a light breakfast, which is very often similar to this one. This Shake only has 45 mg Phe and 101 calories and is a good start for the day with lots of vitamins!!

I added 40g banana, 40g strawberries and 70g melon and a tablespoon of low protein milk powder and some water. When I have fruits which aren’t sweet enough, I use to add a bit vanilla sugar (6g is one sachet and has 30 calories plus no phe!) to get a better taste!

What are your favourite low protein / low calories breakfast ideas?

Katie xxx


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You’re really motivating me from day to day with your nice comments and messages! ❤

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Spaghetti with Lime-Cream-Sauce (by SHS-Loprofin Germany)

Hi everyone,

I already announced that I wanted to try a special recipe with a delicious sauce… here it is:

by the way, in case you understand German, here you can find the recipe on the loprofin-homepage:

(I’m not responsible for the website or its content)

For 3 portions you’ll need:

300g low protein Spaghetti (f. e. Loprofin Spaghetti)

50g green onion

1 lime

1 dried chili

coriander, safran and piment, powdered

50g butter

100g Crème fraîche

150ml Loprofin “statt Sahne” (this is a cream replacer, if you don’t have this at home, you can use normal cream)

4g sweet balm

cut the green onions in small slices and grate the peel of the lime (the lime should be free of pesticides, so you should prefer “bio”)

Cut the chili as well. Stir all together with the spices into the melted butter for 2 minutes. Add crème fraîche and cream (or replacement). Cook for 3 minutes. Add the lime juice and the sliced sweet balm, and add salt and pepper. Prepare the noodles and mix them together with the sauce once they’re ready.

When you use the Loprofin cream replacer its:

257mg Phe / recipe

Normally you should be able to order the cream replacer from the above mentioned homepage, as well as the loprofin-noodles.As you can see from the picture, I used other noodles :)But it was sooooo yummy 🙂 Very delicious and something new!

I would love to hear your feedback – SHS Loprofin has GREAT recipes I really appreciate their effort.


Katie xxx