Healthy, Low Calories-Fruity-Breakfast

Hi there,

I had a delicious breakfast this morning and wanted to share it with you ❤

During my weight loss project (which isn’t finished yet, I still have 3 more kg to lose) I use to have a light breakfast, which is very often similar to this one. This Shake only has 45 mg Phe and 101 calories and is a good start for the day with lots of vitamins!!

I added 40g banana, 40g strawberries and 70g melon and a tablespoon of low protein milk powder and some water. When I have fruits which aren’t sweet enough, I use to add a bit vanilla sugar (6g is one sachet and has 30 calories plus no phe!) to get a better taste!

What are your favourite low protein / low calories breakfast ideas?

Katie xxx



One thought on “Healthy, Low Calories-Fruity-Breakfast

  1. Dana says:

    It is a pleasure too meet you….thank you very much for the recipes, this are very useful for me. Dana from Romania.

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