Curry-Cauliflower-Soup with Coconut Cream and Curry

Hi everyone,

here is a new recipe, I made this up myself:

100 g carrots

100g cauliflower

1 garlic clove

coriander, salt, pepper

43 g / 2 oz coconut cream (be careful if you change the quantity, coconut cream is very rich in calories and contains a lot of fat!)

500 ml / 2 cups soup

cut the vegetables in slices / small pieces and add them to a pot with boiling soup. Cook until the vegetables are soft, then add the spices (including pressed garlic) to the coconut cream. Purée the vegetables until everything is smooth and add the coconut cream to the soup. Then add the coriander.

Enjoy the meal – it’s very delicious and makes a good, low calories dinner!

And this is what it looks like:


One thought on “Curry-Cauliflower-Soup with Coconut Cream and Curry

  1. Kay Emerson says:

    Wow! That sounds good and I am not a soup person usually. My first thought is , where is my pad , I have to try this. Thanks.

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