… two more kilograms left until the diet project can be closed successfully 🙂

And I am really looking forward to start through again 100% with PKU diet and to get better levels once the weight loss is done.

Just had to share that with you.

Katie xxx


2 thoughts on “Only…

  1. Tim says:

    Don’t you think that you might gain weight back if you altered your diet to what it was before after you lost weight? Do you think it might be more effective to shift into a long-term ‘low weight’ pku diet? After all losing/gaining weight is all about calorie expenditure.

    • pkugirl says:

      Hey… you’re right, I need to adjust my habits, I know that. I have to eat healthier, more sports plus I want to have one “veggie and fruit day” per week. So much for the theorie… I’ll keep you updated 😛

      Katie xxx

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