Going to Thailand…

Hi everyone,

I’m really looking forward to the end of July, I’ll go to Thailand with my fiancé. We’re going for two weeks and it’s the first holiday abroad for two years now, so I am really excited.

I got all necessary vaccinations by now, got my passport and I guess now everything is prepared. Except one thing – I still need to make up my mind what kind of formula I will take with me – and I need the official letter from my doctor for it (in case anyone from the customs wants to know about it – but during previous traveling noone ever wanted to see it 😉

I cannot make up which kind of formula I want. Tablets would be good for its easy in-take. But I would have to take 4 boxes with me, which would take a lot of space. Those ready-to-drink formulas like easiphen f. e. would be handy too but I cannot drink them… 😦 I cannot stand their taste. Well, I think it will be some powdry formula, though it’s pretty difficult handling while being on road.
I think that keeping the diet will be pretty easy, since I love veggies and the Thai way of cooking – I also like rice and guess there will be a lot of fresh fruits available. I won’t be taking any low protein bread with me but I guess that won’t be of any problem. We will be traveling with my stepmother and she’s Thai and knows all the places we’re going perfectly well so I can always be sure to get exactly the food I want to 😉

What about you? Will you go on holiday this year?

I will let you know about my trip in detail and you will see a lot of photos too, once I’m back – and I promise to write blogs for those days in advance, so you will be busy reading some nice topics, too 🙂

Katie xxx


11 thoughts on “Going to Thailand…

  1. Kay Emerson says:

    I am going to the 2012 NPKUA Conference this year on July 26-29. I will be going with BetterMilk bars and Restore and Bettemilk packets with Phlexy-10 as a back up just in case I wake up with a migraine and can’t stomach the BetterMilk in the morning right away, it happens believe me. I am also taking some low- protein foods for the plane rides , I haven’t decided what yet. any suggestions will be much appreciated . This is my first trip since I returned to the diet.

    • pkugirl says:

      Well I’d suggest you take something sweet with you. A low protein energy bar or low protein chocolate or something. Plus a prepared snack (like a pasta salad maybe, or a sandwich with a nice spread) or you ask the airline you’ll be flying with whether they can provide a special vegetarian menu for you. I’ll fly with Emirates and I could chose from various vegetarian menus. I’ll let you know what I got in the end 😀

      • Kay Emerson says:

        I already checked the airlines won’t provide meals on the lines that just go short flights so I will be making some things to take along with me. I haven’t decided yet, but as it gets closer I might post what I decide to take.

      • pkugirl says:

        that’s great – let us know as soon as you made up your mind 😀

        Katie xxx

      • Kay Emerson says:

        I will as soon as I’ve made up my mind,. Do you want pictures and recipes?

      • pkugirl says:

        what do you mean? Do you have great recipes you tried out yourself? That would of course be very interesting for all of us 🙂

        Katie xxx

  2. elisakb says:

    I always bring formula with me. And yeah it can be interesting at customs! I always pack the dry formula in my luggage and bring it in liquid form in a cooler. I’ve brought a doctor’s note and they never seem to care about it. What they DID do when I flew to china was have me drink the formula in front of them (to make sure it wasn’t poison, lol). So it always worked for me!

  3. elisakb says:

    That is so exciting you’re going to Thailand!

  4. Kay Emerson says:

    I am still thinking of what to take. I make a killer Lo -Pro Snack cracker that is deffiintly going and there are some store brand snacks that I will be bringing too gluten free veggi chips & sticks still not sure what else. My Restore came and my BetterMilk bars, Fruit Frenzy . But I also Plan on bringing Phlexy-10 & PhenlyAde bars for back up. Never know when a migraine hits .

  5. Kay Emerson says:

    Well here it is the Sunday before my trip. I am planning to take with me some Lo-Pro bread, Lo-Pro Snack Crackers , Lo-Pro Cookies , I plan to use preserves as my spread , an age old favorite of mine . LoProfin Crackers and Glutin- Free Veggie Chips . My formulas are Restore , Bettermilk , Bettermilk Bars, Phlexy-10, and PhenylAde Bars. I will also be bringing along my brand new kitchen aide hand mixer that has smoothie making capabilities !

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