New recipe: Filled cabbage leaves

Hi everyone,

I tried out a new recipe while I was visiting my mom. She decided to try a recipe from a magazine and we modified it spontaneously so I could eat with them.

Since it’s already a while ago I cannot remember the exact quantity of ingredients, but I think everyone can do it according to personal taste.

You need:

1 cabbage

rice (or low protein noodles / rice)

sour cream (or low protein yogurt)




vegetable stock

We cooked the whole cabbage in a pot with boiling water, which was slightly salted, until the cabbage leaves were soft (which took about 30-40 minutes). Then we cooked the rice and sliced the paprika, onion and herbs. We filled the cabbage with the rice-onion-paprika-herb-sour cream-mixture and wrapped them and fixed them with a cooking thread. We also sliced some cabbage leaves and put it into the casserole together with some vegetable stock to keep it liquid during cooking time in the oven. Then we put the rolls on the sliced cabbage. If you have a higher amount phe per day, you could also make a sour cream topping – otherwise you would use low protein yogurt or something comparable with low protein amount). Then you put it in the preheated oven for maybe 10-15 minutes and voilà – it’s ready to eat.

I really liked it, but I would also recommend a sauce along with it, since it’s a bit dry without 🙂

Here’s a picture…

I hope this inspired you to try this or maybe a variation of this 🙂 And don’t hesitate to share with us your experience, thoughts or variation recipes 🙂

Katie xxx


2 thoughts on “New recipe: Filled cabbage leaves

  1. Andy says:

    this looks fantastic i may have to make this sometime in the near future…it’s unfortunate I can’t put it up on my blog since it aready works great for the diets i cater my blog to.

  2. elisakb says:

    Cool! I love trying recipes and adapting them for PKU. that is a great idea. I’ve never had cabbage wraps. I’ll have to try that sometime.

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