Trying to start stricter diet

Hi everyone,

now that I am back, I want to start the stricter diet… haven’t been on a real strict diet for ages and I want to get the levels down under 10 mg / dl plus I also want to prepare for a possible pregnancy within the next few years so I guess this would be a good thing to get used to the whole weighting and counting thing again 😀
I’m going to prepare some recipes for next week to make it easier. I’m not exactly sure to which phe amount I want to stick to. Maybe I’ll give a start with 700 mg / day and see where levels go after 4 weeks. Some of you might now wonder what I did all the time 😉 Well I had a loose diet, I mostly ate veggies and low protein bread, noodles etc but I wasn’t too strict about veggies at all (I didn’t weight potatoes or peas, rice etc which are actually high in protein, I know..) So we’ll see where it leads me.
I really hope I can pull through because I am not really used to this strict thing anymore. Any tips from your side?

I heard about this PKU app for android but I don’t get along well with that. Not the right thing for me and this one seems to be the only app for android and PKU diet so far. (Cambrook App unfortunately does not work for android..) I decided to do it the old fashioned way 😉 I will buy a beautiful nice notebook (it has to be a real blast so I don’t forget about writing everything down)…

My plan is to start from today… so I’ll keep you updated how it works for me. Any tips or motivation is highly appreciated..
You can either leave a comment below or write me a message over Facebook (my name is Katie Treasurechest).

Have a great day…

Katie xxx


Smoothie “Green Energy”

Hi there,

here is a new smoothie which I made recently. It’s a green one.

It consists of:

a piece of banana

a piece of honey melon

juice of one orange

one tablespoon milk powder

I added one sachet of vanilla sugar – but I must admit that it wasn’t necessary at all. It actually was too sweet since the melon itself was very sweet already.

It was my breakfast – a good one 🙂

Enjoy it!

Katie xxx

RECIPE: Noodle salad with sweet pepper


here’s a new recipe for you. As you might have noticed, I’m not a fan of writing down exact indications of all ingredients since I think it might be different for everyone. I see those recipes more as a inspiration and it’s also the way I usually cook. 🙂

You’ll need:

low protein noodles in whatever shape you like best

red and green sweet pepper



walnut oil (very rich in unsaturated fatty acids and the highest amount in linolenic acids – so, VERY healhy!)

herb flavoured vinegar

Provencal herbs

Since you only need to cook the noodles and slice the sweet pepper, garlic and chive, it’s a good recipe when you’re already hungry. It tastes best, if you let it rest for five minutes (when the dressing is already in the bowl) to get a better taste!

Enjoy the meal!


Katie  xxx

Milkshake – pretty easy one – BUT SO TASTY!

Hi Everyone,

I know, I’ve been asked for more smoothie recipes. I will be creative VERY SOON, I promise. To show you my good will, I am presenting you this low protein milkshake. It’s so easy, and probably almost everyone of you already tried this out (and if not… GO AHEAD!!!)

I use to prepare it with of course – low protein milk. Sometimes I use instant milk powder (it’s good for low calories purpose since already one tablespoon for one drink makes a great taste plus of course it’S less phe and calories than 200 or 300ml of pure milk.

I add one piece of banana, usually 30 g. Since I have a fiancé who is VERY EAGER for eating bananas 😛 it’s not a problem for me not to take a whole banana. If it is for you, then you might watch out for mini bananas – they are offered in some supermarkets.

If you are a sweety, you can also add vanilla sugar (I sometimes add one sachet of 7g) or stevia (which is my favourite at present, NO CALORIES, do I have to tell you more? 😉 )

And last but not least, if you enjoy arranging your drinks and meals nicely, why don’t you add colourful sprinkles? Or, if you neither have a banana-eager family member nor supermarket selling mini bananas around, why don’t you decorate it with a few banana slices?

ENJOY  – and be creative… almost everything is possible.


Katie xxx





Dear Artichoke. I must admit, I LOVE YOU!

Hey there,

last year I “discovered” artichokes. Well, in fact I knew that they exist, but I didn’t know how to prepare or eat and you must admit, it’s a bit tricky.

Do you like artichoke? If so, what’s your favourite way of eating it?

I love it with a low protein yogurt, dill and mustard. And well, that’s actually the only way I prepare it. Any tips to share with me and the other followers?

Katie xxx

Milupa PKU 2 Activa Tomato formula

Hi there,

you know, since I am on holiday at the moment, you will receive postings which have been written before my holiday.

Actually I am enjoying the lunch break and since I prepared the Milupa PKU 2 Active Tomato formula, I decided to let you know about my experience with it.

You solve the formula with warm water (not boiling water, to make sure the amino acids and vitamins come in their best condition) and have a good whirl and then you can drink it along with your lunch (or supper). It tastes like tomatoe soup.

To be honest, I requested the sample with 12g protein (instead of 21g, which would be better to fill the daily amount) because I find it a bit disgusting to imagine amino acids with tomato soup 😀

But – it tastes surprisingly well. Really. You still have a little amino-acid-taste, but it’s not bad at all. It’s also enriched with fat so in case you forgot your lunch, you can easily replace it with this soup plus you can be sure that your body takes in all vitamins properly, which is not the case if you’re eating only an apple with your formula.

Here you find a few indications (per sachet) on  the content of the formula:

calories: 196 kcal

Amino-acids in gramm:

Arginin 0,83

Cystin 0,38

Histidin 0,38

Istoleucin 0,95

Leucin 1,57

Lysin 1,12

Methionin 0,38

Phenylalanine 0,009

Threonin 0,76

Tryptophan 0,28

Tyrosin 0,94



Asparagin-acid 1,8

Glycin 1,32

Prolin 1,8

Serin 1,24

Carnitin 34 mg

carbohydrates  26

Fat 4

I think those are the most important indications. Please let me know whether you want to know anything else. And please let me know if I made mistakes with the names of the amino acids… I just took the German word for them since I don’t know the English ones – but I am willing to learn 😀

Please also keep in mind, that this formula type is created for children (I haven’t ordered the type for grown ups with 21g protein, which would of course have other quantities as well), so you should take a formula especially adjusted for the needs of grown ups to make sure you got the right quantities.

Hope this was interesting for you. I think I won’t take this one regularly. Though the taste is good, it’s a huge effort to make me drink it, since “it’s formula” and “not soup” – can you understand this?

Katie xxx

PS: Is Milupa Metabolics formula also available in your country?