Milupa PKU 2 Activa Tomato formula

Hi there,

you know, since I am on holiday at the moment, you will receive postings which have been written before my holiday.

Actually I am enjoying the lunch break and since I prepared the Milupa PKU 2 Active Tomato formula, I decided to let you know about my experience with it.

You solve the formula with warm water (not boiling water, to make sure the amino acids and vitamins come in their best condition) and have a good whirl and then you can drink it along with your lunch (or supper). It tastes like tomatoe soup.

To be honest, I requested the sample with 12g protein (instead of 21g, which would be better to fill the daily amount) because I find it a bit disgusting to imagine amino acids with tomato soup 😀

But – it tastes surprisingly well. Really. You still have a little amino-acid-taste, but it’s not bad at all. It’s also enriched with fat so in case you forgot your lunch, you can easily replace it with this soup plus you can be sure that your body takes in all vitamins properly, which is not the case if you’re eating only an apple with your formula.

Here you find a few indications (per sachet) on  the content of the formula:

calories: 196 kcal

Amino-acids in gramm:

Arginin 0,83

Cystin 0,38

Histidin 0,38

Istoleucin 0,95

Leucin 1,57

Lysin 1,12

Methionin 0,38

Phenylalanine 0,009

Threonin 0,76

Tryptophan 0,28

Tyrosin 0,94



Asparagin-acid 1,8

Glycin 1,32

Prolin 1,8

Serin 1,24

Carnitin 34 mg

carbohydrates  26

Fat 4

I think those are the most important indications. Please let me know whether you want to know anything else. And please let me know if I made mistakes with the names of the amino acids… I just took the German word for them since I don’t know the English ones – but I am willing to learn 😀

Please also keep in mind, that this formula type is created for children (I haven’t ordered the type for grown ups with 21g protein, which would of course have other quantities as well), so you should take a formula especially adjusted for the needs of grown ups to make sure you got the right quantities.

Hope this was interesting for you. I think I won’t take this one regularly. Though the taste is good, it’s a huge effort to make me drink it, since “it’s formula” and “not soup” – can you understand this?

Katie xxx

PS: Is Milupa Metabolics formula also available in your country?


4 thoughts on “Milupa PKU 2 Activa Tomato formula

  1. Lila says:

    Hi Katie , I hope this finds you well in your holidays…
    Milupa metabolics is the formula my daughter (aged 3) is currently having daily, (PKU2 prima). GIven the situation in Greece at the moment, we are not sure that re-embursement will continue for the formula. So we were wondering if in Germany Milupa products are cheaper so that we could buy them directly from the company (I guess a prescription from our doctor would be necessary. Does anybody happen to now how PKU2 prima costs in Germany? In Greece it is 165 Euro. What we do now is pay for ourselves and wait for the re-embursement (which has come only for 3 months, my daughter is 3 years old….).

    • pkugirl says:

      Dear Lila,

      I had a look on the internet and it is listed with 129,00 €. and can be ordered at – I haven’t tried this page, just found it.

      Maybe someone else can also provide current prices for this product?

      Katie xxx

  2. elisakb says:

    Are you German? That’s so cool! You know the one other person I know with your last name comes from Germany as well.

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