Milkshake – pretty easy one – BUT SO TASTY!

Hi Everyone,

I know, I’ve been asked for more smoothie recipes. I will be creative VERY SOON, I promise. To show you my good will, I am presenting you this low protein milkshake. It’s so easy, and probably almost everyone of you already tried this out (and if not… GO AHEAD!!!)

I use to prepare it with of course – low protein milk. Sometimes I use instant milk powder (it’s good for low calories purpose since already one tablespoon for one drink makes a great taste plus of course it’S less phe and calories than 200 or 300ml of pure milk.

I add one piece of banana, usually 30 g. Since I have a fiancé who is VERY EAGER for eating bananas 😛 it’s not a problem for me not to take a whole banana. If it is for you, then you might watch out for mini bananas – they are offered in some supermarkets.

If you are a sweety, you can also add vanilla sugar (I sometimes add one sachet of 7g) or stevia (which is my favourite at present, NO CALORIES, do I have to tell you more? 😉 )

And last but not least, if you enjoy arranging your drinks and meals nicely, why don’t you add colourful sprinkles? Or, if you neither have a banana-eager family member nor supermarket selling mini bananas around, why don’t you decorate it with a few banana slices?

ENJOY  – and be creative… almost everything is possible.


Katie xxx






2 thoughts on “Milkshake – pretty easy one – BUT SO TASTY!

  1. Holly says:

    I’m a little confused, is it a tablespoon of milk/milk powder and some banana?

    • pkugirl says:

      Dear Holly,

      it’s a tablespoon milk powder for 200 ml water plus some banana (usually around 30 g, thats enough to give a great taste!)

      Katie xxx

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