Trying to start stricter diet

Hi everyone,

now that I am back, I want to start the stricter diet… haven’t been on a real strict diet for ages and I want to get the levels down under 10 mg / dl plus I also want to prepare for a possible pregnancy within the next few years so I guess this would be a good thing to get used to the whole weighting and counting thing again 😀
I’m going to prepare some recipes for next week to make it easier. I’m not exactly sure to which phe amount I want to stick to. Maybe I’ll give a start with 700 mg / day and see where levels go after 4 weeks. Some of you might now wonder what I did all the time 😉 Well I had a loose diet, I mostly ate veggies and low protein bread, noodles etc but I wasn’t too strict about veggies at all (I didn’t weight potatoes or peas, rice etc which are actually high in protein, I know..) So we’ll see where it leads me.
I really hope I can pull through because I am not really used to this strict thing anymore. Any tips from your side?

I heard about this PKU app for android but I don’t get along well with that. Not the right thing for me and this one seems to be the only app for android and PKU diet so far. (Cambrook App unfortunately does not work for android..) I decided to do it the old fashioned way 😉 I will buy a beautiful nice notebook (it has to be a real blast so I don’t forget about writing everything down)…

My plan is to start from today… so I’ll keep you updated how it works for me. Any tips or motivation is highly appreciated..
You can either leave a comment below or write me a message over Facebook (my name is Katie Treasurechest).

Have a great day…

Katie xxx


2 thoughts on “Trying to start stricter diet

  1. Kay Emerson says:

    I know of another App you might like, nothing against the DietWell by Cambrooke but it is also nice to use easier and perfect for those of us who are just are a more active life style. It is the AcuGo App it is the one with the Red Apple it is easy to run If you have an iPod or iPad it should work fine if not get a palm pilot or use your phone or an old phone no one is using. Take all your favorite foods enter them in the phone section using the 0 for the . Then enter food for name Crispix : half cup: 307 , 3.7 see what I mean ? I did it until they came out with the apps. Now I have an iPod from Cambrooke .
    If you want to get your levels down stay away from peas and starchy Vegtables . They are higher in protein. The sweet potatoes are nice choice and good flavor and carrots are also a good option. If you check out the older PKU Cookery Cook Book by Viginia Schuett it has a lot of Lower protein recipes in it. If you want I can email you some of the recipes from it. I have some great snack crackers recipes that are practically free.

  2. jen klimek says:

    Good luck Katie. I have been trying to get my levels under 8 for weeks now. I also tried using that same app but I dont really care for it or figure it out. I have justed startedback on drinking my milk twice a day. I have been saying that Im going to start writing everything down again since getting back mu last blood level witch was 15. But I know why they were high and it was because I didnt drink my milk. After reading your post I feel like I can start my own note and work on getting my levels down as well. I do well for a couple.of months with writing this down and then something side tracks me and I stop. So good luck and you will do get. Just know that you have me behind you!

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