Special Cheese: 0g protein!!!!

Hi everyone,

have you already heard of the special cheese from Greece? It was developed for vegans and is very compatible for PKU diet since there is NO protein in it! Plus it tastes very similar to normal cheese!

I love it, it’s great for dinner, with tomatoes. Yummy!

Hope you’re having such a nice dinner as well 🙂

Katie xxx


9 thoughts on “Special Cheese: 0g protein!!!!

  1. Moya says:

    Where do you get this cheese??? I dont think it would be available here in the USA???

  2. Holly says:

    yeah, I would love to know more about it, more details please!

  3. Lila says:

    Share the name! I live in Greece and we don’t use it. I had heard of something like that but it was a NO from the dietician, maybe because my daughter is very young and it contains a lot of perservatives

  4. angela says:

    where do you get it in usa?

  5. Lesley Tate says:

    Hi Kate, I can see the post but it’s won’t show the cheese or the name ! I’m a cheese freak so please let me know the name 🙂

  6. the name of the cheese is Viofast from Viotros company in Greece.
    Here is the web link

  7. Mackenzie says:

    I meant to say cook for love website 🙂

  8. Gibby says:

    We have Violife in the UK along with Veganic Pizza Cheese and they are amazing. We buy ours from Alternative Stores who also do Low Protein Chocolate http://www.alternativestores.com/ethical-shop/low-protein-cheese-slices-and-grated-cheese-pku-diet/blog_132.html

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