The mysterious cheese’s name is…

Hey everyone…

I had a lot of messages asking what the name of this cheese is and where to buy it in different countries.

Well, the company’s name is Viotros, it’s a Greek company, and the cheese’s name is Santeciano.

For the possibility to buy it, I would ask you to start your own search on Google etc. since I could only tell sources to buy it from in Germany. In case, you cannot find a distributor in your area, have a try and ask producers of low protein food whether they can add this to their range of products. Especially since this cheese has no protein at all, I guess they will be willing to give this product a try.

Let me know what you found out – and in case you try it, how you like it.

Have a good start for the week everyone.

Katie xxx



4 thoughts on “The mysterious cheese’s name is…

  1. Holly says:

    Just remember that just because something has no protein doesn’t mean that it is PHE free. Banana’s have no protein but still have Phe.

    • pkugirl says:

      Hey Holly,

      the cheese is distributed by a German PKU shop as well and it’s officially phe-free.

      I know that bananas do contain Phe, but they also do contain protein, though it’s a very small amount (1,2g protein / 100g).

      I guess the only things that can have Phe but no protein are products with artificial sweetner which do consist of Aspartame. (Pepsi light – no protein – but phenylalanine because of the sweetner)

      Have a great day,
      Katie xxx

  2. carrie says:

    Hey pku girl- we are travelling to Germany (Ulm to be exact) in the near future- and would love love love to try and find this phe-free cheese – can you tell me where i might find it in germany? thanks!

    • pkugirl says:

      Dear Carrie,

      you could either order it from the German company called “Delifirst” ( , the company is in Hamburg, but they can send it to Ulm, when you stay there for more than a week or if you want to, we could meet, I don’t live too far away from Ulm and I could bring you some 🙂

      Have a great start for the week.
      Katie xxx

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