Thailand – it was great :)

Hi Everyone,

I returned from Thailand a few weeks ago and I’m still enjoying the great memories… it was a wonderful trip. We saw a lot and traveled a lot (4 different hotels in 2 weeks…) we went to Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Si Chang and a small village near Udon Thani.
Since there was raining season, it was never sunny all day long, but we were also lucky not to have rain regularly… Plus it was really more agreable to have a cloudy weather… (when the sun came out, it was simply too hot for my taste…). But on my last day I got a bit uncautioness and didn’t use sun screen and cought a sun burn from 15 minutes sun shining through the clouds… WOW.

People were very friendly, and we were a main attraction πŸ˜‰ especially me with the very light skin… πŸ˜€ Funny, that we here are aiming to have a darker complexion than we actually have and they are aiming a lighter one, all the beauty products are with “whitening effect”… funny how that differs…

Now I guess what interests you most is whether there were any problems bringing formula in / taking it and getting low protein food. Well, I had an attest from my doctor describing the formulas and their necessarity. But NO ONE wanted to see it, I don’t even know whether they got suspicious about my formula at all πŸ˜‰ So that was a good point. Also the intaking was pretty easy. I took it in the hotel room after the meal so I wouldn’t have to drink it in front of everyone else.

The food was delicious and it was easy to get veggie dishes. I had rice and rice noodles a lot. But honestly, after two weeks I’m fed up with rice… I haven’t had rice since my return now πŸ˜‰ There was also a nice one, which I tried at the Pattaya floating market: fried sticky rice (it looked like a burger, but all made of sticky rice and spices)… yummy, it was super delicious.

We also had a lot of fresh fruits and fresh coconut and fruit juices. So you see, when your not counting exactly the phe amount, only watching to avoid very high phe foods, it’s not a problem at all. I had great meals all the time… only too spicy from time to time πŸ˜‰ my stomach was not amused at all πŸ˜‰

My favourite fruit, by the way, was the dragon fruit. It tastes great πŸ™‚

Did you travel this year or will you still go on a trip? Do you have concerns about the diet?
Katie xxx


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