X-Pot… Delicious :)

Hello there,
I am trying out constantly all the new products which appeal to me. Another product which is new on the German market (it’s from the British company Firstplay) is this one. It’s a convenience-product, you only have to add water and wait some minutes before you can eat. So it’s very nice when you’re at work etc.


I tried the taste “India” (with Curry and lamb flavour). There are also two other tastes but I haven’t tried out yet, it’s “Asia” (sweet-sour sauce with chicken-flavour) and “America” (beacon and sausage flavour).


I loved the Indian X-Pot, but I’m not sure whether I want to buy it again. Preparation was as easy as promised. But I think the size of the cup is pretty small, it contains 60 g which is 19mg Phe and 139 kcal. So it’s more a snack, than a real menue and for this a price of more than 3 € (which is around 2 $) I find it rather expensive for a snack that doesn’t leave you full and satisfied.


Here is a picture of the ready prepared X-Pot:




I also wondered whether it’s so good to add boiling water into a plastic bowl since obviously if you trust in the news, the water out of plastic bottles is not too healthy as well and the water is not heated during filling process or after, but well I guess tahts another topic 😉 Preparation is also possible in a cup, so it’s up to everyone how to have this snack 🙂


Here’s a link to Firstplay’s homepage, unfortunately I could not find this certain product in their listing of products…

Please consider, as always, I’m not responsible for the content of the Firstplay-Homepage, since it has nothing to do with this blog.
What is your experience with ready-to-serve-products? What kind of low protein products of this kind are available in your country? How often do you eat them?
Katie xxx








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