I’m proud…

Hi Everyone,

as the header says, I am proud that I now succeeded in almost 4 weeks of strict diet without any serious failure.

We used to go out eating a lot (see the photo, our favourite restaurant is a Lebanese one, they have great meals, the one on the left (picture is still from August) is salat, rice and falafel (which you know is not very low protein diet) with a garlic sauce.

In the last four weeks, we went out eating two times. I only ordered salad and the other time French Fries (and since we know the owners well, I was allowed to weight my portion French Fries before eating, so I could write down in my food diary the amount of phe).

Well, I was kind of astonished. I assumed (without having further looks or investigations 😉 that a small portion of French Fries “wouldn’t have that much protein”. I was on 500 mg / day and it represented 344 Phe… :-O

I also try to send in blood levels every week to have a better overview and keep the motivation. Levels have been going constantly downwards, although in a very slow way, but that was predictable, since I was ill a few weeks ago plus I am still taking care of my calorie intake.
I hope it’s going great for you too. And if not, remember to always try the best you can. ❤ We all have our difficulties from time to time and being restricted is especially hard when it comes to food matters.

Have a great Wednesday!

Katie xxx


5 thoughts on “I’m proud…

  1. Kay Emerson says:

    So glad you are doing so well! My levels just got back and they went down from 13.8 to 5.2 in less than 2 weeks ! I was recovering from a stress fracture of my right leg so my levels were rose higher unexpedtly . Now I’m back under control and feeling great! The leg is healed . Got the ok from the doctor yesterday. So it’s looking good. My daily intake is 34-35 exchanges a day. I’m not sure how many mg Phe s that is

    • pkugirl says:

      wow Kay, thanks for your lovely comment.

      That sounds great. Quite an achievement to get levels down so quickly. 🙂 I’m trying really hard, but sadly for me it’s not working so quickly 😉

      Good to hear you’re well again.
      Have a great day 🙂
      Katie xxx

  2. Kay Emerson says:

    Thanks, I have usually noticed that you have better luck if you stick with the basic low-Protein food choices you can find in any store. Right now a fave of mine is a Lo-Pro Sandwich made of Vegan American Cheese 1.5 exchanges per slice plus Lo-Pro Bread with slices of Cucumber and Apples stacked on either side of the cheese. It takes two hands to handle it and there is plenty of crunch and flavor. Especially if you get fresh apples. I also keep vegtables on my list of dinner menu with hash browns or sweet Potatos .

  3. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations on sticking to the diet for 4 weeks, Katie! That is a great accomplishment. I have been back to watching my diet carefully for 2 weeks now. I am waiting to hear what my blood levels were last week. I am supposed to be on 500 mg of phe/day as well, although I usually used to eat a lot more. Now I am trying to follow the diet more strictly…no more falafel for me either! 😦

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