Cassava Snacks part 2 :)

now I’m continuing, as promised, to reveal the cassava snacks 🙂 I also found hot spicy cassava chips, also in an Asian shop. Very delicious. It tastes different from potatoe chips, but not in a bad way, only different. I really like it too.

Here are the pictures:






It’s, just like potatoe chips, made of chopped cassava slices, fryed in oil and with spices.
But I am not sure yet how to calculate these… does anyone have an indication of phe for cassava?

Thanks alot.

Katie xxx


Happy Birthday :)

Just wanted to let you know, that today, it’s the first birthday of my blog.
We’ve just reached 3.000 hits – THANK YOU for your support.


Katie xxx



Have you heard of Cassava yet?

Hey my dear readers!
I found out recently, that there is a vegetable called cassava (also called maniok, the starch out of it is also called tapioca) which is similar to potatoe, but it is very low in protein. Since this vegetable has its origin in South America (Brazil to be precise) many of you might already know it. But in Germany it’s not very well known yet, so this was a really exciting discovery for me!
In the Asia shops around here I found nice snacks based on tapioca / with cassava. I’m so happy about it. I will show you them here on the blog.

Prawn crackers – my absolute favourites at present 🙂

I make sure that I have always some packs at home and I take 30 g at one time – and honestly, that’s enough!!! I used to have normal potatoe chips, but I could eat a whole package and would still be craving for more (Not thinking of the phe, that has one package, but that’s another topic). You might be curious how I calculate it… I found that this special brand has 1 g protein / 100 g and I calculate it with 100 mg Phe / 100g. My current blood levels are justifying this – they’re fine.

Should you now want to try this too, please be aware, that not all prawn chips are produced with tapioca flour – some chips do also contain wheat flour, so be careful!!!

Well, it’s also a cheaper replacement for low protein chips. I paid for 100 g only 1 € and low protein chips are usually between 3-4 Euros for 175 g. 🙂 so this is also a positive side effect!

In my next blog entry, I will show you the other thing made of cassava, I discovered 🙂
Katie xxx

Promin Burger :) YUMMY

Hey Everyone,


have you ever tried the Promin Burgers? I like them very much, especially with vegetables, it’s such a delicious menu, and depending on the veggies you eat it with, it can be also very low in protein.

If you have not tried the burgers of Promin yet, you might have tried others? Taranis, for example, also offers a mixture for low protein burgers.

Just let me know what you think of low protein burgers. Or do you even have your own recipe for burgers and would you like to share it with us?


Katie xxx



Breakfast with egg :)

Hey there,
finally I tried out the egg replacer I bought a while ago (I reported about it here:
I was pretty sceptical, since you have to add only water and a little oil for preparation. I use to add some spices and herbs too. Today I also tried to add veggies (tomatoes and olives, it was delicious). It’s my favourite kind of breakfast for the weekends at present. It tastes very good, I was astonished. And the phe amount is very low, too. This portion on the photo consists of “3 eggs” and has 36 mg Phe.
Here is a photo for you.

Have you tried the egg replacer yet? And if yes, what is your favourite recipe?

Katie xxx




New blood level – HAPPY :)

Hey everyone,

I just got my new blood level, it’s 7,6mg /dl. That’s great, I am so happy. Plus, it’s not that hard as I thought it would be. I try to have enough low protein food at home (sweets, cheese, etc.) so I have good options when I’m craving for something.

It’s also good to have a food dairy, so I can look up what average phe amount I had per day (for the level 7,6mg / dl I had about 600 mg Phe per day).

I’m wondering, do you lead a food dairy? Do you note down weight, calories and blood levels? Does it help you?

Do you have a fixed phe amount per day, which you try to fill up exactly, or, if you took more or less, do you try to balance it the next day with the exact amount of phe you ate more or less?

I’m looking forward to your feedback – that’s so interesting 🙂

Katie xxx



Yummy – Chocolate Fudge…

Hey 🙂

When I was in a sweets shop in summer, I found this Chocolate Fudge… there are a lot of small cubes of fudge and one fudge is 11 Phe – and I absolutely love it. I found out, that on the internet you can order small packages and even other flavours but I haven’t ordered yet.

Have you tried fudge and do you like it?

Katie xxx