Promin Burger :) YUMMY

Hey Everyone,


have you ever tried the Promin Burgers? I like them very much, especially with vegetables, it’s such a delicious menu, and depending on the veggies you eat it with, it can be also very low in protein.

If you have not tried the burgers of Promin yet, you might have tried others? Taranis, for example, also offers a mixture for low protein burgers.

Just let me know what you think of low protein burgers. Or do you even have your own recipe for burgers and would you like to share it with us?


Katie xxx




5 thoughts on “Promin Burger :) YUMMY

  1. Lila says:

    Have you ever tried pkuperspectives burger mix? I m planing to get some for Faye from USA, and i don t know if it is any good.unfortunately in greece we dont have promin products, but i cook broccoli burgers from Virginia schouette.they taste good, only with 40 mg phe per burger and ai think a great vegetable broccoli is.

  2. pkugirl says:

    Hey Lila,

    haven’t tried pkuperspectives burger mix yet. Any idea how I could purchase it, I live in Europe, too?

    Oh, in which book did you find those broccoli burgers? I have a book by Virginia Schoett. 🙂 I would love to try those burgers.

    Katie xxx

  3. lila says:

    Here’s the recipe:
    110 gr very finely chopped brocolli, 35 gr finely chopped onion, 45 gr low pro bead crubs, 1/4 tsp salt, 11/2 Tbs catsup, 1 Tbs water, veg oil for frying.
    Use a blender of food processor. First make the bread crubs, remove and then chop brocolli and onion together. Mix all the ingredients and make burgers according to your taste (I make 6, cause Faye is still 3). Heat the oil and brown the burgers, 1-11/2 min at each site. I boil first the brocolli for 3-4 min, in the directions she uses it raw. It freezes very well before the frying.The whole recipe has 127mg of Phe. It;s in the book Low protin cookery for PKU.
    As for the PKU perspectives, I finally understood that it is a site where you can buy products from different companies and promin is one of them. So I will try the Promin Burger ang the egg replaser you suggest (I think it is country sunrise or something?). However I don;t want to use products that I will not be able to find in Europe later. So, how can I find those by ordering on line here in the continent?

    • pkugirl says:

      Dear Lila,

      thanks for the recipe, I will try it 🙂 Sounds delicious. And it is a cheaper variation than those burgers you can purchase. If you’re looking for promin products, egg replacer (country sunrise, you’re right) and the cheese I wrote about (0g protein) you can have a look at they deliver throughout Europe as far as I know and they have a great variety of different low protein products, also from US and Spain, f.e.

      Katie xxx

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