Have you heard of Cassava yet?

Hey my dear readers!
I found out recently, that there is a vegetable called cassava (also called maniok, the starch out of it is also called tapioca) which is similar to potatoe, but it is very low in protein. Since this vegetable has its origin in South America (Brazil to be precise) many of you might already know it. But in Germany it’s not very well known yet, so this was a really exciting discovery for me!
In the Asia shops around here I found nice snacks based on tapioca / with cassava. I’m so happy about it. I will show you them here on the blog.

Prawn crackers – my absolute favourites at present πŸ™‚

I make sure that I have always some packs at home and I take 30 g at one time – and honestly, that’s enough!!! I used to have normal potatoe chips, but I could eat a whole package and would still be craving for more (Not thinking of the phe, that has one package, but that’s another topic). You might be curious how I calculate it… I found that this special brand has 1 g protein / 100 g and I calculate it with 100 mg Phe / 100g. My current blood levels are justifying this – they’re fine.

Should you now want to try this too, please be aware, that not all prawn chips are produced with tapioca flour – some chips do also contain wheat flour, so be careful!!!

Well, it’s also a cheaper replacement for low protein chips. I paid for 100 g only 1 € and low protein chips are usually between 3-4 Euros for 175 g. πŸ™‚ so this is also a positive side effect!

In my next blog entry, I will show you the other thing made of cassava, I discovered πŸ™‚
Katie xxx


4 thoughts on “Have you heard of Cassava yet?

  1. Lila says:

    I also found these in an asian market. It says however that it contains parts of shrimp(?)…maybe it s just a very small quantity, I don.t know.if you cook cassava , i found some recipes.check this out:http://latinfood.about.com/od/Yuca/tp/Top-Yuca-Recipes.htm
    The conent in phe is very low, just 0,26/ gr of cassava. Never eat it raw!

    • pkugirl says:

      Wow Lila, thanks for sharing this link. I never thought of preparing cassava fries but sounds good though.

      Thanks a lot and have a great evening.

      Katie xxx

  2. pregador27 says:

    I have had this- Brazilian style…. Macaxeira in parts of Brasil. I have had it as fries, and fried nicely like a potato. It does not contain shrimp or any meat naturally. I love the stuff, but I think the starch is not good if anyone (me) is trying to avoid weigh gain.

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