Cassava Snacks part 2 :)

now I’m continuing, as promised, to reveal the cassava snacks 🙂 I also found hot spicy cassava chips, also in an Asian shop. Very delicious. It tastes different from potatoe chips, but not in a bad way, only different. I really like it too.

Here are the pictures:






It’s, just like potatoe chips, made of chopped cassava slices, fryed in oil and with spices.
But I am not sure yet how to calculate these… does anyone have an indication of phe for cassava?

Thanks alot.

Katie xxx


One thought on “Cassava Snacks part 2 :)

  1. lila says:

    Quoting from “Diet well PKU” (a great app for iphone, I found it very helpfull, only for 3-4 dollars): raw cassava: 26mg of phe for 100 mg of cassava.there is a brand of cassava chips, named chiffles, that has 71mg of phe for 100mg of chips.Hope this helps.

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