Delicious recipe with pumpkin

Hey 🙂

here is another recipe. It was very delicious so I wanted to share it with you. It’s very easy to prepare as well, so the ideal menu for preparation after a hard day at work. It is very low in protein, too (120mg Phe)


This is how you prepare it:

cook 100g carrots and 200g pumpkin in a vegetable soup, until there soft. Add some fresh koriander to it and stain the vegetables. Then prepare the “Cream of wheat” with special low protein “cream of wheat” and low protein breadcrumbs.

slice a little bit of onion and fry it in a pan with hot oil. Then add 30 g of low protein “Cream of wheat” flour and 200 ml of vegetable soup. Stir well, then add 30 g of breadcrumbs (it needs to be almost like flour, very smooth) and add some spices if you like (but I didn’t add anything else).

Tadaaaa… it’s ready. Very delicious. You could also form little burgers out of the dough and fry them from both sides. That’s a little variant to this recipe.

Enjoy the meal!

Katie xxx


One thought on “Delicious recipe with pumpkin

  1. what is the low protein cream of wheat?

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