Advent Calendar


I hope you’re all having a great Christmas time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy so much, since I had tons of work. But now, since yesterday, I’m on vacation for two weeks now. Time to really enjoy life, try out new recipes, prepare new postings for you, 🙂 and simply relax. 20121201_093101

Ok, the time where you open Advent Calendars is almost over now, but I wanted you to show my calendars 🙂 I have three to be precise. One is from my mother, with one lottery scratch ticket for every day, one is from my colleague, a very special calendar with tea bags!! Have you ever heard of this? One tea bag with nice Christmas quotes and delicious tea, today I had Vanilla-Rooibos tea. I found it so thoughtful of her, she knew I’m stricter with diet now and she told me, she wanted to have a good Calendar too (normally, the ones that are most common over here are Chocolate calendars..)


The third calendar, I bought for myself 😉 It’s a traditional chocolate calendar, BUT with low protein rice milk chocolate. I decided to try it out, thought it was already available last year. The German company MetaX is selling this calendar. The chocolate is delicious, a star-shaped chocolate behind every door. Yummy. And one piece contains 7 mg of Phe.


Do you have an Advent Calendar too?

Katie xxx


4 thoughts on “Advent Calendar

  1. Özge says:

    Hi, what are advent calendars for?

    • pkugirl says:

      Hey Özge,

      it’s a Christian tradition, we are awaiting the day of Jesus’ birth (25th December) and we are opening every day in December one door to find small surprises, chocolate or little things…

      It’s traditionally for children, but I do know a lot of grown ups, who have a calendar too 🙂

      Katie xxx

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