New PKU Diary :)

20121209_092158Hey everyone,

I got a new PKU diary for Christmas from my friend πŸ™‚

I do note everything that I eat and the phe amount of it, to have a better overview. I realized that I sometimes forget things I ate so this is probably the best method for me.

What about you? Do you write it down too? Do you have a diary or do you prefer to write it down on paper? I prefer the diary because I also like to note the blood levels and if it is higher than expected, I also like to have a look what could have lead to it.

Sometimes I do also write down the calories, to have a better overview.


Katie xxx


Special diet – for PKUs too :)


Hey πŸ™‚

as I already announced on facebook, I found an article in a magazine which introduces a diet which is – believe it or not – compatible for PKUs. I’ve always hoped for this – usually I turn those diet pages without reading since I see no use in it πŸ™‚

The diet is called Genesis-diet and you can find more information at

Basically, this diet has 2 days per week of fruits and vegetables, only soup, coffee (small dose only) and milk allowed on these days. The other 5 days can be normal food days, of course no excesses, but normal eating, without trying to count calories. This diet form should be, which is clinically proven, more effective than keeping low calorie diet every day of the week.

Normally, you should make sure to have 5 meals per day, breakfast, snack in the morning, lunch, snack in the afternoon, dinner and snack before going to bed. But for me, since I do have not the highest phe tolerance at present, it is not too easy to get full with respecting the phe amount so I cut it down to three meals per day and a lot of drinking!

Have you heard of this diet before? Will you try it out? What do you think of this concept, do you believe that it could work?

I will try (to lose a few Christmas pounds) and let you know soon, whether I can see any effects, but even if this was not true, two days of veggie and fruit couldn’t harm though, could it? πŸ˜‰

I’m looking forward to your opinions. πŸ™‚

Katie xxx



My veggie day breakfast


Hey everyone,

I’m continuing in realizing my New Years revolution. One of them, as I already wrote before, is, that I want to have veggie-days, only fruits, low protein milk and veggies allowed, of course water, tea and soup, too.

I will also introduce the diet, which I took as inspiration for this, shortly here on the blog.

So I am trying to have a fruity breakfast twice a week and I like this sweet smoothie option. Well not exactly a smoothie, since the base of the drink is actually low protein milk. I also added some blackberries and strawberry plus raspberries – I also added some vanilla sugar, but in this case, it was too much. Too sweet for my taste.

What about you, what is your favourite milk shake or smoothie recipe? Is it enough for a light breakfast or do you need bread or something else?


Katie xxx

Low Protein Sushi… YUMMY!

Hi there,

20121110_151821I went to a PKU meeting recently and we were divided in several groups to try out recipes. It was organized by the German company ComidaMed, wow, they had such good recipes. We prepared and had a lunch together. It was so delicious. Afterwards we also got a little recipe brochure to take home.My absolute favourite recipe is a low protein sushi recipe. WOW. I love sushi and had it in Chinese restaurants before, but I knew it was not very suitable for diet – but these ones are made with low protein rice πŸ™‚ YUMMY!

Here’s a picture of my first try. Ok I must admit it does not look professional at all. But it tastes great, that should be enough πŸ˜‰


Have you every tried sushi and do you like it?

Katie xxx

My Passion: Coriander!











Hi πŸ™‚

I used to go eating a lot and especially Thai food since I love coconut cream and Thai curry. I found a herb in it but no one could tell me what it was. I did some research and found out, after a long search, that it was coriander. Have you ever tried coriander?

Now I’m totally obsessed by coriander and I buy it every week from an Asian store around the corner. I use to chop it into soups. Noodles, soup and coriander. THATS SO DELICIOUS. Plus, according to my dietician, I don’t have to calculate it.


If you like coriander too, in what kind of recipes do you use it?

What is your favourite herb?

Katie xxx

Salami – yummy :)

Hey everyone,

I recently found a good salami in a health-food shop in my area. It’s 50 mg Phe / slice and it’s so delicious, it tastes even better than normal salami. I really like it.


It has a good mixture of spices in it so it comes so close to salami. Great! I need to spent more time looking for suitable foods in those health stores since I usually find something new there πŸ™‚

What about you? In what kind of stores do you look for new food solutions?

Katie xxx