My veggie day breakfast


Hey everyone,

I’m continuing in realizing my New Years revolution. One of them, as I already wrote before, is, that I want to have veggie-days, only fruits, low protein milk and veggies allowed, of course water, tea and soup, too.

I will also introduce the diet, which I took as inspiration for this, shortly here on the blog.

So I am trying to have a fruity breakfast twice a week and I like this sweet smoothie option. Well not exactly a smoothie, since the base of the drink is actually low protein milk. I also added some blackberries and strawberry plus raspberries – I also added some vanilla sugar, but in this case, it was too much. Too sweet for my taste.

What about you, what is your favourite milk shake or smoothie recipe? Is it enough for a light breakfast or do you need bread or something else?


Katie xxx


8 thoughts on “My veggie day breakfast

  1. Özge says:

    I never tried smoothie for breakfast, i think it would be light for me. i like strawberry and kiwi

  2. Sarah Marshall says:

    Hi Katie,
    I’m trying to do the same thing! I wanted to cut out carbs so I’m going fruit & veggie & a little bit of grains only. I hope you post some recipes on here!

  3. elisakb says:

    I love smoothies! I do something similar. I use frozen berries, a banana, non-dairy creamer, and a Dole whole fruit strawberry or raspberry popsicle. Sometimes I even add spinach and with all the fruit you can’t even taste it!

    • pkugirl says:

      wow, sounds good and with spinach it’s interesting. I have a recipe book for smoothies with salad to add and spinach too, maybe I finally need to try this out 🙂

      Katie xxx

  4. lesley says:

    I add cereal to my smoothies like ground porridge oats or branflakes or a small amount of museli – just a couple of exchanges worth but helps fill me up and the oats make it creamy which i love

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