Do you take supplements?

Hey my dear PKUs 🙂

how are you guys? Everything ok? How was your week so far?

I’m wondering whether you take supplements to your daily diet? I’m taking fibres from time to time (see picture), I use to mix it with juice, also trying to bake bread with it.


Another thing I take daily is omega 3 fat capsules. There is also a formula from Vitaflo which has omega 3 fat acids included but I think it’s the cooler and I cannot drink those “ready to drink” formulas. I cannot stand the taste 😀


Have you heard of anything else which is recommended to take along to guarantee a good health condition?

What kind of supplements do you take?

Katie xxx


12 thoughts on “Do you take supplements?

  1. Kay Marie Emerson says:

    I do have vitamins in my BetterMilk and I take Calcium in the form of Tums antacid tablets. But nothing else. . ,

  2. Marianne says:

    Prenatal vitamins, calcium and vitamin D supplements, l-tyrosine.

  3. petegarbacki says:

    I take Phenylade packets, but not as often as I should. Too difficult to mix. I did try Restore, but have given up on it. Besides that I take Kuvan, a daily vitamin and calcium.

  4. Özge says:

    ı try to take vitamin D and calcium supplements

  5. mrsg3913 says:

    Now I am pregnant I do take, in addition to my formula, Omega 3 tablets just like your photo, and I have been told that from 16 weeks onwards I may need to take tyrosine supplement if those levels drop which apparently is common. My formula does have some tyrosine in it tho so may not be necessary. However before I was TTC I did not take anything in addition to my formula.

  6. Amy says:

    I take BetterMilk which has vitamins in it. My clinic told me to also take Omega-3s and a Vitamin B supplement as well. 🙂

  7. Raelene says:

    I currently take calcium with vitamin D and Vitamin B complex. During different periods of my life I have focused on different vitamin supplemantry needs. eg folate pre pregnancy and loads of fishoil during pregnancy. I am really good at being consistant with my amino acid drink but these other little side vitamins I struggle with being consistant. I had breast cancer and have been on this mix since then as well as my tamoxafen (cancer drug) which I have to take for the next 5 years. Hoping to try bettermilk in the future. Always open to better alternatives. I like to think our supplement covers it all. ( thats what I try to convince myself)

  8. Justin Birch says:

    I usually take a multivitamin, a vitamin D supplement, and an omega 3 supplement. I used to take the Vita Flow with the Omega 3 but I moved on to better tasting coolers. Well, maybe better is a stretch. I liked that it had the Omega 3 though, because my good cholesterol is way, way low. My main concern these days is all the artificial sweeteners that I take in from the 4-6 coolers I drink everyday. Is that even healthy to have that much sweetener? Guess I’ll find out someday…

  9. earilian says:

    taking vit D, used to take iron and omega 3 while I was pregnant. when I was a teen took calcium. overall I only take those supplements that my dietitian tells me to take.

  10. I keep reading about Omega 3 that everyone seems to be taking. My nutritionist doesn’t ever mention taking supplements other than Calcium which I have to admit I am very bad at complying at just because I have so many other things I’m taking I tend to forget some days . I was just informed my insurance will no longer accept my being on Nexium so I am very concerned about the ramifications this change will have on my diet. I was able to have the success I had on the diet with this drug. The supplements I was on in the past were MTE , but I stopped the diet entirely because everything the MTE , plus the formula and the diet was causing excessive acid reflux.

  11. Danielle Green says:

    i take vitamin B complex and multi-vitamin with iron as my skin broke out

  12. Margo says:

    I take vitamin complex with additional amount of Fe.

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