Low Protein Puff Pastry

Hey my dear readers,

I cannot point out often enough that you really need to watch out for new foods – wow I just ordered at Glutex Austria recently and couldn’t believe that they have low protein puff pastry in their range of products. WOW. I always wanted to have something like that.

One plate has only 7 mg of phe – but very high in calories – 454 kcal per plate. You can see in the photo, one pizza bag is made of one plate. The thing I have to whinge about is the calorie amount. :o) You should rather only have one at a time together with a salad or something 🙂

It really opens a lot of possibilities, you could make sweet dessert with it as well. You fill it and bake it for app. half an hour and then it’s ready.

This is before I pushed the tray into the oven:




And this is what it looked like after baking:




As you can see from the last picture, the consistency really is comparable to real puff pastry. It’s very tasty. I like it. If you live in Europe, you might also have a look at the page and you might want to order one or another thing (I ordered several things and will post about it shortly… they also have great other things. very unique on the market as far as I know).


Have a great day.

Katie xxx



2 thoughts on “Low Protein Puff Pastry

  1. Kelly says:

    Would you like to add some of your lo pro recipes to my meatless Monday link up? Thanks!

    • pkugirl says:

      sure I will, thank you. But for the Phe-amount, it will be individual since I don’t state quantities to use, this can be decided from each PKU 🙂

      Katie xxx

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