I am back :-D

Hey everyone,

I think I am back now. It’s been a stressful time, a lot of work and everything, but now I have more time again for blogging and trying out new recipes. How are you? What’s been going on in your lives? How is diet going?

Lots of love,

Katie xxx

PS: I hope you forgive me, for not posting for such a long time! 20120526_112200


3 thoughts on “I am back :-D

  1. YAY ! ! ! You are back ! I have been here busy too! Waiting for your blog , knowing you were probly busy or something . We all have those days and all. I know how it is. PKU is like that. I’m ready for some good ideas. Need a little push to get me out of the diet day to day same ol same ol. I am an elder so I tend to eat the same thing every day. I count on your blogs to get my diet a little sparkle. Thanks for all that you add my PKU world.

  2. Lynsey says:

    Hi again. I been through a lot also lately but am getting through it and things are looking up. I am now engaged and studying hard and I’m attempting to work for myself soon due to struggling to find Childcare.

    Thank you

    Lynsey Mckellar

  3. sylvain zeevaert says:

    bonjour je t’écris en français y a possibilité de traduire j’ai réussi à te lire alors que tu m’écris en gb donc pas de soucis je comprends tout je suis de belgique voilà mes recettes j’en trouve sur taranis-nutrition.com avec google.com possible de trouver le site il est en français donc faites la traduction via la rubrique page possible de traduire un site de gb en fr ou bien d’espagnol en français j’ai réussi aussi
    j’aime cuisiner rissotto de courgettes hier et fin aujourd’hui et auj cake au chocolat de loprofin donc voilà bien vite froid j’ai envie de le dévorer j’aime la cuisine kiss

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