Low Protein Cupcakes… Sparkling all over :)

Hey 🙂

since I wasn’t blogging around Easter, I want to show you what I made 🙂 I decided to try low protein cupcakes. This is how they turned out. They look good, don’t they? And guess which ones are the “normal” ones with high protein (I made those for my family, too)

20130330_154710 20130330_160458 20130330_160512 20130331_133803

Are you into baking? Do you have a good cupcake recipe? How do you make the topping? In this case, I decided to do it like the other ones with cream cheese since I only wanted to eat 2-3 pieces and deep-freeze the remaining ones.

Katie xxx


4 thoughts on “Low Protein Cupcakes… Sparkling all over :)

  1. debbie gniadek says:

    your cooking is lovely i cant seem to cook pku food like that as i have problems following the recipies and they never come out right so i give up

  2. Kate says:

    I make buttercream for the topping – butter and icing sugar basically. I might add some kind of extra flavour if it suits or i feel like it.

  3. María del Mar says:

    I love it Kate!! Oh I hope to be able to make some day cupcakes like these for my son!

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