Lophlex Sensation.. what do you think?


I was absolutely excited when I heard about this new kind of formula from Nutricia / former company SHS. Easy to take with you, since it comes along just like a yogurt, in a cup. I imagined myself in the office, enjoying the formula, after I had a nice lunch. Then, after reading the brochure, I was completely over the moon, since it promised a very good taste, without aftertaste.

Two different tastes is also enough for the beginning to have a little variety. You can choose between “Berries” and “Orange”.

Nutricia also did a great effort with the presentation. I got those cups with a spoon and a lunch box. Really cute. Nice idea.

So far, so good. I excitedly ripped of the lid and sniffed. I shouldn’t have done that 🙂  My dream splittered instantly, the taste wasn’t neutral at all. But ok. I wanted to give it a chance. I WANTED IT TO BE TASTY SO BAD!!!! Such a good idea.

But well, for my taste, it was a too strong amino acid taste. I don’t know maybe the exact ingredients differ from country to country, maybe your taste is different, but I was completely disappointed. This was the best formula idea I’ve ever heard of, right after the tablets.

20130313_184059 20130313_190148

Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

Katie xxx


6 thoughts on “Lophlex Sensation.. what do you think?

  1. Nicola Reynolds says:

    i have tried it twice – once in Dublin when they were doing the market research for it and secondly at the last PKU Low Protein Wkd in Naas, Co. Kildare. I love the Berry one. I tried the Orange one as well, but prefer the Berry one. They are very handy and will pop into a handbag so good if you want to take one to school/work/wherever and would be ideal for travelling as they would take up less room than the Lophlex LQ pouches. I can’t wait til they are available on prescription here in Republic of Ireland!!

  2. Hi Katie – Have you tried Cambrooke’s new Swirl product with Glytactin (GMP)? Swirl is a pre-meassured pudding mix to which you add 4-oz cold water, cover and shake. In an instant you have delicious flavored pudding. It delivers 15g protein and all your vitamins & minerals. Because it is made with whole protein from whey, it is indeed the tastiest product on the market. But, don’t take it for the taste alone because the clinical benefits far outweigh the good taste. Ask me for a sample!

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