Making butter :)




my mother bought a wonderful book about country kitchen, making bread and milk products… So I learned about butter, it’s not difficult to make it yourself. So I decided to make a herb butter. And: It worked!!!! Totally delicious and I was so proud (I made butter!!!!!). And you can put in everything you want, your own spice mixture or as I did with herbs.

You simply take whipping cream and mix it. First it will get the consistence we know all – yummy whipped cream I love it with cake or strawberries. But you have to keep on mixing and at some point the fat (which by then is butter 🙂 of the whipping cream will separate from the fluid (which is buttermilk and can be drunk as well, at least by your family… high in phe). Then you take the butter with a kitchen towel and rinse and knet it toroughly under water, (the buttermilk needs to be “washed out” completely, otherwise the butter will turn rancid). After this you can add salt, herbs or whatever you want – or even leave it just as it is.

The butter can be kept in refrigerator up to 4 days, or, if you want to freeze it, up to 4 weeks. Enjoy!

Katie xxx

PS: over here, the margarine has a very healthy image – most people think, it’s better to eat margarine than butter, especially for the calories. But that is not true. Foods which are in origin condition or as close as possible are best for us, and margarine actually is produced in different steps and with different ingredients and is also said to be cancer-causing, but there are still studies which ought prove this (for which of course the industry has no interest in).


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