It’s all about – DRINKING


Hey 🙂

Especially in summer, it is so important to drink enough, which means around 2 litres a day (at least). Is this difficult for you? What do you prefer? Water with gas, tea, coffee (any coffee addicts here???? 🙂 ), smoothies? Of course, alcohol does not count in, but, coffee actually does, if you drink it regularly (means, if your body is used to it, you can count it in your daily drinking amount).

I love drinking still water, tea (I force myself to drink some green tea from time to time cause it’s said to be soooo healthy, but mostly I am into herb teas or fruit teas, if I want it sweet, I take stevia). Also, at work, I am a coffee drinker… But at work I need to force myself to drink enough.

If you have hard times drinking enough, why don’t you try to pimp your water with some natural additions like lime or lemon juice, ginger, little orange juice or even cucumber? It’s really refreshing and can help to have more pleasure filling up your water balance.

It’s also important to know what is hunger and what is thirst. Ok. This might sound stupid. But I do catch myself sometimes eating, when I’m not really hungry but thirsty.

I will pamper you with a lemonade recipe within the next few days, it’s sooooo delicious!

Katie xxx


One thought on “It’s all about – DRINKING

  1. Joseph Kauffman says:

    Actually, coffee, hot tea, iced tea and beer are diuretics. So, the more of them you drink, the more you pee and are therefore dehydrating yourself. Drinking coffee all day is not good for the body. Like they say, everything in moderation. But, water is a necessity. A good goal is 50-70 oz. per day. When you get dehydrated, you get muscle cramps, trigger points, Charlie horses and tight/tense/stiff/sore muscles.

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