My little herb garden

Hey 🙂

it all started when I got this little herb jar as birthday present. Lots of different herbs.


20130430_165419 20130430_165537 20130430_165544

I decided to have some more on our little balcony. Haven’t tried much with those herbs, but I am really eager to have some nice drinks once the peppermint has grown a little bigger 🙂 I will also have my coriander soups with this fresh grown coriander. I want to make some rosmarin-potatoes too. I wanted to make some punch recipes with this woodruff but unfortunately it already bloomed when I got it so I couldn’t use it anymore… 😦 Maybe next year then! But I will pamper you with some good punch recipes anyway.

The hot nights can come 🙂

Do you have your own herb garden?


Katie xxx


One thought on “My little herb garden

  1. debra gniadek says:

    Yep I grow hebs and some veg it’s a great feelinggoing to cut your own veg n hebs salad

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