September is newborn screening awareness month!

PKU Proud

As many of you may know, September is Newborn Screening awareness month!


Many people do know what newborn screening is or what it does until there child is diagnosed with something.  Many people just know it as the heal poke test.  it is my goal for September to educate as many friends and followers as I can in what it is, what it does, and why it is important. It saddens me to hear how many parents wish they could denies newborn screening to save their baby from the “pain” or “torture” or just from being “poked and prodded” so much after birth. specially if the birth is traumatic.  As a nurse and a women with PKU I feel that education is so important and should be apart of birthing and pregnancy education. I wish all nurses, doulas and mid wife’s would include it in the education and support…

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