Spring is coming… And a stricter diet too, hopefully.

Hello everyone,
first of all I must apologize for not writing for such a long period of time. Since the last blog entry a lot of things have changed. I started at a new job (which I absolutely LOVE… it’s great to go to work and love what you do, hadn’t been there the last few years..). And I’m getting married in May. So it’s going to be another 10 exciting months… We also booked our honeymoon and I’m so excited.
But… let’s come to the not so well functioning part: my low protein diet. I just realized today that in a week from now I will have my yearly appointment at the hospital. Time to face it: I haven’t sent in as many blood cards as I should have, AND, what is even worse, I haven’t kept the diet as good as I should have… I regularly take the formula (tablets at present, I really get along very well with taking them) but I use to eat noodles, bread, egg etc. (I also eat low protein products, it depends on my mood / my craving).  Plus I don’t have an overview of the daily intake. I don’t feel good with this. I want to change it. But it’s hard, you might know it. Today, I started off with writing down everything I’ve been eating so far and I ended up with 281mg Phe. It’s around midday now.
I just want to get involved more in this blogging project again because I feel that it could help me to get back on track again. I will let you know about my progress and how I get along within the next few days. Hopefully my motivation doesn’t vapor, but constantly grows stronger… I would appreciate your feedback, tips or motivation comments / e-mails. Write me, what’s going on in your (PKU-)life… I look forward to hearing from you…
Katie xxx