Avery’s Ride for PKU Summery

What a great PKU – Project 🙂
Katie xxx

PKU Proud

** taken from the latest edition of CanPKU news/ written by Nicole Pallone**

When planning for Avery’s Ride for PKU began almost a year ago, a team was assembled and goals were set.
The initial team was comprised of Kevin Dube, John Adams, Nicole Pallone, Tanya Chute and Jenn Pino.  Many, many (many) others joined us along the way.  A project of this magnitude does not come together without a lot of planning and we spent hours on the phone planning routes, discussing logistics, making decisions – and setting goals.
We had three primary goals for Avery’s Ride for PKU:
1) To improve the sense of community among the PKU patients and families of Canada;
2) To increase the awareness and advocate for the needs of the PKU community; and
3) To raise funds so that CanPKU can continue working towards the goals of the organization.

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