French Crêpes – I love them :)

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re having a great weekend. A while ago, I got to know that the German company MetaX ( has a new crêpes mixture… When I first tried it, it didn’t work out quite as well as I had expected. But that was due to the fact that I used a pan to make those crêpes. Everyone who has already seen or tried French crêpes knows, that they are made on a special heated plate. So I did some research and found a tiny little crêpes maker on the internet, which also was cheap and ordered it.


And what can I say? I had a wonderful breakfast today, for only 27mg Phe in total – and it was so delicious. I sprinkled some sugar-cinnamon on top of them. YUMMY.

Have you ever tried crêpes? I’m looking forward to experimenting a little with different toppings soon, I will let you know 🙂

Have a great Sunday! crepes

Katie xxx

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MetaX goes Fit PKU weekend

Hey 🙂

I wrote you in March, that I would take part on a PKU weekend about healthy food, healthy nutrition with PKU and healthy lifestyle in general. It was a wonderful weekend. We not only heard several interesting facts about nutrition, formula etc, we also had a cooking lesson, in which we created this delicious meal below, we got a lesson in Nordic Walking, a lesson in Qi Gong and were taken out for dinner.



Not only the great programme and information, also the nice conversation we PKUs had between all those interesting events was really great and motivating. Thank you, MetaX for the great time.

Have you ever been on a PKU training weekend? How did you like it? Did it change your attitude for the diet?

Katie xxx

Advent Calendar


I hope you’re all having a great Christmas time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t enjoy so much, since I had tons of work. But now, since yesterday, I’m on vacation for two weeks now. Time to really enjoy life, try out new recipes, prepare new postings for you, 🙂 and simply relax. 20121201_093101

Ok, the time where you open Advent Calendars is almost over now, but I wanted you to show my calendars 🙂 I have three to be precise. One is from my mother, with one lottery scratch ticket for every day, one is from my colleague, a very special calendar with tea bags!! Have you ever heard of this? One tea bag with nice Christmas quotes and delicious tea, today I had Vanilla-Rooibos tea. I found it so thoughtful of her, she knew I’m stricter with diet now and she told me, she wanted to have a good Calendar too (normally, the ones that are most common over here are Chocolate calendars..)


The third calendar, I bought for myself 😉 It’s a traditional chocolate calendar, BUT with low protein rice milk chocolate. I decided to try it out, thought it was already available last year. The German company MetaX is selling this calendar. The chocolate is delicious, a star-shaped chocolate behind every door. Yummy. And one piece contains 7 mg of Phe.


Do you have an Advent Calendar too?

Katie xxx