Back on track :)



Dear Readers,

I really need to apologize for not blogging for such a long time. As you know from my last blogpost, I had a tough time with the diet. I was struggeling and couldn’t really get back into it. I really did try it often enough, but there were lots of temptations and I usually gave in 😉 My daily diet was low protein products, taking regularly the formula, but having a lot of high protein things in between which of course pushed the levels high. My highest level which I took in July was 26,9 mg / dl, and I knew, it wouldn’t be good but actually I was shocked that it was such a high one. I got back on track, but I knew I couldn’t keep 100% diet during our honeymoon. (we went to Turkey for two weeks, it was wonderful!)

Now I’m back on the strict diet with 350 Phe, which is not as tough as I thought this time since I got another kind of motivation: I want to prepare for getting pregnant. For 2 weeks now I’m having 350 a day and my levels dropped from 21,5 mg/ dl (first level after the honeymoon) to 11,5mg (from last Saturday). I’m really proud of this progress and excited too, I think I will get the latest result today or tomorrow.

I’d love to have contact to other PKU moms or moms-to-be to share some experiences… This is so exciting 🙂

I also had a wonderful wedding back in May – It was stressful planning everything but it was so worth it and turned out to be a wonderful celebration with our dearest family and friends.

I hope you also had a great summer (can’t believe it, today it’s already the calendaric beginning of autumn, crazy how fast the time passes)..

I promise to blog more often within the next weeks and months, I got a lot of new recipes, ideas, low protein discoveries 🙂

Have a great week…

Katie xxx



Special Cheese: 0g protein!!!!

Hi everyone,

have you already heard of the special cheese from Greece? It was developed for vegans and is very compatible for PKU diet since there is NO protein in it! Plus it tastes very similar to normal cheese!

I love it, it’s great for dinner, with tomatoes. Yummy!

Hope you’re having such a nice dinner as well 🙂

Katie xxx