It’s all about the right arrangement..


Hey πŸ™‚

I just wanted to say, that it’s all about the right arrangement, no matter what is your meal. The meal in the picture was actually for my fiancΓ© and therefore not low in protein. But just saying, it’s the same for our meals. I needed to go shopping, so I had only a poor choice at home… so I made mash with vegetables and salad.

But it actually looks delicious, doesn’t it?

Katie xxx


Tomatoe-Cress bread… YUMMY



do you know this? You’re always looking for new recipes, trying out new things and everything, but sometimes it’s the simple things which satisfy the most?

I re-discovered tomatoe-cress bread with (homemade) butter. WOW. So delicious. A little salt on top. I wouldn’t swap this for a pasta meal πŸ˜€

What is your favourite thing on bread?


Katie xxx

Making butter :)




my mother bought a wonderful book about country kitchen, making bread and milk products… So I learned about butter, it’s not difficult to make it yourself. So I decided to make a herb butter. And: It worked!!!! Totally delicious and I was so proud (I made butter!!!!!). And you can put in everything you want, your own spice mixture or as I did with herbs.

You simply take whipping cream and mix it. First it will get the consistence we know all – yummy whipped cream I love it with cake or strawberries. But you have to keep on mixing and at some point the fat (which by then is butter πŸ™‚ of the whipping cream will separate from the fluid (which is buttermilk and can be drunk as well, at least by your family… high in phe). Then you take the butter with a kitchen towel and rinse and knet it toroughly under water, (the buttermilk needs to be “washed out” completely, otherwise the butter will turn rancid). After this you can add salt, herbs or whatever you want – or even leave it just as it is.

The butter can be kept in refrigerator up to 4 days, or, if you want to freeze it, up to 4 weeks. Enjoy!

Katie xxx

PS: over here, the margarine has a very healthy image – most people think, it’s better to eat margarine than butter, especially for the calories. But that is not true. Foods which are in origin condition or as close as possible are best for us, and margarine actually is produced in different steps and with different ingredients and is also said to be cancer-causing, but there are still studies which ought prove this (for which of course the industry has no interest in).

Black Salsify







20130116_181229Hey everyone…

I use to go to the market around the corner once a week, not only you have always fresh and regional veggies at home, I’m also tempted to try new things.

Have you ever tried Black Salsify? I think it’s very similar in tasting compared to aspargus. I use to cook it in boiling water for about 30 minutes and then fry it in a pan with herbs and a little bit of fat. It’s so delicious. And 55mg Phe / 100g.

Katie xxx




Low Protein Puff Pastry

Hey my dear readers,

I cannot point out often enough that you really need to watch out for new foods – wow I just ordered at Glutex Austria recently and couldn’t believe that they have low protein puff pastry in their range of products. WOW. I always wanted to have something like that.

One plate has only 7 mg of phe – but very high in calories – 454 kcal per plate. You can see in the photo, one pizza bag is made of one plate. The thing I have to whinge about is the calorie amount. :o) You should rather only have one at a time together with a salad or something πŸ™‚

It really opens a lot of possibilities, you could make sweet dessert with it as well. You fill it and bake it for app. half an hour and then it’s ready.

This is before I pushed the tray into the oven:




And this is what it looked like after baking:




As you can see from the last picture, the consistency really is comparable to real puff pastry. It’s very tasty. I like it. If you live in Europe, you might also have a look at the page and you might want to order one or another thing (I ordered several things and will post about it shortly… they also have great other things. very unique on the market as far as I know).

Have a great day.

Katie xxx


Testing Kit for Formula provided by Vitaflo

Hey πŸ™‚

few days ago I received a testing kit of Vitaflo. I wanted to try the PKU gel, I know it’s for kids but I only would want to take it from time to time, to have a bit variety in formula. So I sent a request and a very friendly person at Vitaflo sent me this – AMAZING πŸ™‚ Not only the PKU gel for testing, also the PKU Express powder in different flavours, shakers, different juices to mix with the powder or gel, one pack of their zero protein milk and also a cute plush toy and a cute bag made of Vitaflo packaging as far as I can see πŸ™‚Β  A BIG THANK YOU to Vitaflo!!!!


This reached far beyond my expectations and I’m positively surprised. I will try every variation and will let you know what I think in a posting within the next few weeks.

Have you already tried formula by Vitaflo? What is your opinion?

Katie xxx

Do you take supplements?

Hey my dear PKUs πŸ™‚

how are you guys? Everything ok? How was your week so far?

I’m wondering whether you take supplements to your daily diet? I’m taking fibres from time to time (see picture), I use to mix it with juice, also trying to bake bread with it.


Another thing I take daily is omega 3 fat capsules. There is also a formula from Vitaflo which has omega 3 fat acids included but I think it’s the cooler and I cannot drink those “ready to drink” formulas. I cannot stand the taste πŸ˜€


Have you heard of anything else which is recommended to take along to guarantee a good health condition?

What kind of supplements do you take?

Katie xxx