Little tricks to get yourself taking the formula…

Hi there,

just wondering what kind of little tricks your applying when it comes to forgetting the formula? Unfortunately, I sometimes forget taking it in the evenings… so I came up with the idea to put a little bowl with my tablets in every room so I always have them right in front of me and it’s not likely to forget it anymore.

Here you can see the blue bowl on my bed table 🙂

I’m really excited about your tricks and tips, we can learn so much from each other 🙂

Katie xxx


Low Phe Products

Hi everyone,

here is a new poll.

I just wondered how often you order low protein products.

I really like them (variety and also taste of most of them) and I’m trying now to order monthly, so I would always have a certain amount at home.  It helps a lot when you’re craving for “nonsense” like normal chocolate or a noodle meal…

Hope you had a good week?

Katie xxx