My PKU Kitchen

PKU Proud

I have my kitchen set up to best manage my PKU. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the management of PKU.
When you walk into my kitchen you know who out of cole and I spend the most time in it.

I have 2 pantry’s one for cole, and one for me. Mine is packed with all my baking goods and low protein foods.

Over my the microwave I have a stack of PKU Cook books, my recpie binder, my pku food list binder . I have bowls of fruit and a bowl of shallots, onions and potaotes. under the microwave is a stand alone counter full of all my baking sheets, measuring cups and spoons. Above the microwave is 3 rows of shelves that hold my formula, my sports bottles and my straws. Along the microwave itself is all my MIO’s and flavours for my bettermilk.

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