Hey everyone,

first of all I want to apologize – during the week I rarely get the chance to create a new post for you, soon, very soon, new recipes will follow. Especially I want to share a recipe for bread with you I just tried out last weekend. I have a baking machine and it’s such a blessing! Do you also have one?

Last weekend, I was visiting a Christmas market, it was very nice. Normally, they have a good variety of low phe sweets… candy floss, coloured hearts made of dextrose, jelly smurfs and hearts (without gelatin, so no protein!!!)… My all time favourits are the dextrose hearts. They are soooo tasty. Yummy. But I had to find out, that they aren’t offered any longer 😦

Do you know my anger? A product you like very much and which fits perfectly into the diet and it gets removed from the market? It’s so frustrating, since we already have a very little choice..

I’m looking forward to your feedback. Can you relate? Or don’t you mind?

Katie xxx




New Poll: How often do you check your blood levels?

New motivation :)

Hey 🙂

I just started my very own PKU project yesterday. I want to reach levels under 6mg /dl (when being not so very strict during the last time). I want to take blood to check out where I am at the moment – I will let you know as soon as the results are here but I think it won’t be any better than 15mg / dl.

Yesterday I was astonished how much phe is in peas… really. I knew it was one of the vegetables which are richer in protein… I wanted to add some to my noodle soup (together with carrots and mushrooms) but I then decided not to, it would have turned my “supposed to be low protein” meal into 300 mg dinner or something 😉

ARGH: Since I ended up eating some peas out of the already opened can I ended up with 352mg for my first very strict day. I’m a bit angry on myself because I couldn’t help eating the peas… If I hadn’t I’d have only 252 mg for yesterday. But anyway. Today, I’ll try and do better. Do you know these kind of situations? What do you do to not make yourself eat such things? Do you have a trick?

By the way, I wanted to share a link to a great and interesting blog – it’s only a little bit about PKU, more about daily life and photography but from a person with PKU who fights the same daily struggles 🙂 http://mdtphoto.wordpress.com/

I told you I ordered the PKU recipe book mentioned below… and yes, it arrived… and it exceeded my expectations… I haven’t tried anything out of it, (I had a really busy week so I only managed to do the necessary and bake a new loaf of PKU bread) but they all sound so delicious.

Before I finish, I want to give you a tipp – have you ever bought chai tea bags? Try out, you can easily create a stylish and sweet beverage out of it. Take one tea bag and a glass. Boil some water and prepare the chai according to its preparation advise. Then, when it’s ready, remove the tea bag, add some low protein and sugar – and ENJOY! It’s very tasty, especially for the Christmas season.

New Poll


I wanted to publish this new poll yesterday but somehow I forgot… Here it is 🙂


Katie xxx


I found a new PKU cooking book :)

Hey all,

how are you doing at the begining of the week?

I wanted to share my happiness about the cooking book I found recently on the internet. Some of you might know it already, but since I’m living in Germany, this one is ABSOLUTELY new to me 🙂


It has 570 pages and a lot of recipes – that’s all I know so far – I’m sooooo excited and I will definetly let you know how it is as soon as I receive it.

Do you know this cooking book? If so, do you like it? If not, do you consider to buy it?

Katie xxx

Veeery tasty :)

Hey all…


how are you? How was your week? Have you already bought all of the Christmas presents?

My week was a very normal one… Nothing really special. Next week I’m going to the Christmas market here in town, I’m really looking forward to it. There are a lot of sweets and normal food which is edible for us PKUs 🙂 roasted chestnuts, sauerkraut (even if you have to order them without the special kind of noodles) and french fries!

I’ll show you my yesterdays dinner… this is what I had: steamed sweet potatoes, pumpkin and romana broccoli together with a basilicum pesto (the GREAT thing about it, I found this pesto in a bio supermarket and it’s WITHOUT cheese!!!! I was so happy…. and it tastes great) and vegetarian sausages.


Have a nice Sunday!!!


Katie xxx

“Vanillekipferl” – Vanilla Christmas Cookies


You need:

500 g low protein flour        20 mg phe / 100 g

120 g white sugar                    0 mg phe / 100g

1 piece of vanilla bean           0 mg phe / 100g

200 g butter                               32 mg phe / 100g

6 g backing powder                 16 mg phe / 6 g

1 egg (size “M”, this is              325 mg phe / egg

approximately 53 g)

(of course you can also use egg replacer – and add the phe amount plus take the recommended quantity for 1 egg replacement)

icing sugar


430 mg


you might also need a little bit water.


mix all the ingredients. Cut the vanilla bean open and take out the inside with a knife, add it to the ingredients.

It helps if you take the butter out of the refridgerator at least an hour before you start so you have it easier to stir all the components together. Probably you will get a crumbly dough… never mind, you can fix that later (you have to knead the dough until its soft and flexible after leaving in the refridgerator). Leave it in the refridgerator for one hour.

Then you can start preheating the oven with hot air circulating system for  at 170 °C or 338 C Fahrenheit. Prepare a backing tray with backing paper and shape little half moons (or anything else you want :))  out of the dough and place them on the tray. When tray is full, put it in the middle of the oven and leave it for 8-10 minutes.

After letting the cookies cool down, you can sprinkle some icing sugar onto them with a colander. Then they’re ready… They will be edible for several weeks if you store them in an airtight box.

Enjoy… and I’m looking forward to your feedback… Do you have any improvements to make? Is anything missing in the recipe?