PKU Awareness Day 03rd December

Hey everyone,

I found this great blog entry on PKU Parlor, another great PKU-Blog. Have a look at it:

and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on this topic.

Katie xxx

PS: Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reblog it via wordpress 😦


Cook For Love – Great PKU recipes online!!!

Hi there,

have you already heard of the website Cook For Love? It’s a great PKU site with lots of delicious recipes. Just have a look yourself:

Please note, that I am not responsible for the webpage or its content.

You have to get an account to get access to the recipes, but trust me, it’s worth it and you won’t get any advertisement by getting registered!

Have fun trying the recipes 🙂

Katie xxx

United in PKU in OHIO

Hi everyone,

there’s a new PKU group which will have their first meeting on May 12th in Ohio.

The group is designed to create support, enpowerment, and encouragement for friends and family of PKUers living in OHIO!

If you are interested in joining this meeting or contact the group in general, please turn to Myndi N David Schirtzinger on Facebook. Myndi will help you with all questions / will send you a personal invitation!


Katie xxx